The foundations for Demardi were being laid long before the company was formed. The bosses, Anthony and Michael, were school friends and mates for years before realising their building and engineering skills could be combined to bring something special to the Melbourne building scene.  That kind of history makes being in business together, easy. And it shows in every part of the way we work at Demardi.


With authenticity, integrity and having a bit of fun driving everything we do, we’ve been able to create a building company that people trust and love to work with. We broke the mould when we started Demardi.  Renovations, extensions and brand-new builds created fresh for each client are what we do best.

We prioritise values over volume. Even the smallest projects are important to us. From the technically difficult to the minor updates, we put our commitment and passion into each project. 

We work with all trades on-site for the best possible outcome. And our experience means we know what works. We run a clean and tidy site and our quality and finishes are top-notch.

You’ll never hear us say “that’s just the way things are done around here”. We’re always looking for ways to improve the building experience for you. That means continually growing and evolving our team and the services we provide.

We believe that communication is king. That means, we’ll never keep you guessing what’s happening on-site or with your project. We keep you informed every step of the way, so you’ll be able to count down to move-in day with confidence.




Looking to renovate or extend your current home can feel like a big and scary process.  But it doesn't have to be! Like any partnership it's about working together and solving problems.  And that's exactly what we're good at. We take care of all the details, communicate with you on a daily basis if we need to and respond to any curve balls that come up along the way, and we all know there will be a curve ball or two! We bring decades of experience, professionalism, and passion into everything we do.  


Dreaming of a brand new home? But you're not sure which Builder is right for you...kinda like,needle in a hay stack. Well, it starts with first impressions and that is something we are proud of. We understand your home is a huge investment and that's why we put in the time to meet with you, prepare a detailed quote (did I mention detailed!!) to get everything precise and ready for you. 


We are experts when it comes to project management, we have been doing this for years. Domestic renovations/extensions to brand new builds are no problem for us. Unlike most builders we have the capability to ensure projects run on time, we have the people, the experience and the know how to make it all happen. We are not a one man band.




We can design, specify and source all of your hard materials for your project such as tiles, stone, bench tops, joinery, carpet and timber flooring providing you with an an end to end service from concept to completion.  Our clients benefit from our insider building and design knowledge and our passion for delivering a quality outcome.

How can we help you?

  • We can help with space planning

  • Specifying and sourcing hard materials 

  • Concept boards

  • Materials boards 

  • 3D Renders 

We don’t believe in a one sits fits all, each project will have its own unique requirements, just like a building project (no two are the same).  We are totally flexible in terms of how much or how little you may need from us for your project.


When you start working with us you will get all the details you need, making it seamless & transparent throughout the project.  This means that we can ensure that every stage of your project stays on-scope giving you the confidence and direction you need with your desired goals, budget, and timeframe.  We do engage Architects to help us complete the design process if required.

We have lots of industry contacts and suppliers who provide us with great prices so that we can keep costs as low as possible to help you achieve your project goals.

One point of contact, one invoice, makes the process worry-free and seamless. 

From project management to problem-solving, each member of the Demardi team brings their own unique strengths. But we all share a common goal, getting the job done and getting it done right. 

You can’t fake a workplace culture like ours. Our team love their work and it shows in everything we do.

No matter who you deal with at Demardi, you’ll always get professional, expert advice and workmanship, with a side of ‘happy to help’. 

We’re a bunch of hard workers but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Because we know that being professional and great at what we do doesn’t have to be boring. 

People come to us for our exceptional building standards, and they stay for the chats and the smiles (seriously, that’s what they’ve told us). 





Mick is a lifer in the building game. He took up an apprenticeship straight out of school and later became a registered builder. He’s the onsite whip-cracker, making sure each project runs on time and on budget without fail. 

Mick doesn’t mind stirring up a bit of mischief with the team and he gets as good as he gives. But underneath that larrikin humour, getting the team home safe every day is what really drives him. 

An experienced builder, Mick highly values the individual skills and unique perspective that each member of the team brings to Demardi’s projects. 

A dad of girls, he’s outnumbered at home, but it helps bring out his softer side on the job site. He’s an outdoorsy guy who only needs beaches, camping, and a summer playlist to keep him happy.








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