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The foundations for Demardi were being laid long before the company was formed. The bosses, Anthony and Michael, were school friends and mates for years before realising their building and engineering skills could be combined to bring something special to the Melbourne building scene. That kind of history makes being in business together, easy. And it shows in every part of the way we work at Demardi.

With authenticity, integrity, and having a bit of fun driving everything we do, we’ve been able to create a building firm that people trust and love to work with. Architectural renovations, extensions, and brand-new builds created fresh for each client are what we do best from Building Design, Interior Design to Construction, we put our commitment and passion behind every project. 

We work with all trades on-site for the best possible outcome and our experience means that we know what works. We run a clean and tidy site and our quality and finishes are top-notch.

You’ll never hear us say “that’s just the way things are done around here”. We’re always looking for ways to improve the building experience for you. That means continually growing and evolving our team and the services we provide.

We will never keep you guessing about what’s happening on your project as we keep you informed every step of the way, so you’ll be able to count down to move-in day with confidence.

We'd love hear how we can help you.

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Our Team

Meet The Team




Mick is a lifer in the building game. He took up an apprenticeship straight out of school and later became a registered builder. He’s the onsite whip-cracker, making sure each project runs on time and on budget without fail.


Mick doesn’t mind stirring up a bit of mischief with the team and he gets as good as he gives. But underneath that larrikin humour, getting the team home safe every day is what really drives him. 

An experienced builder, Mick highly values the individual skills and unique perspective that each member of the team brings to Demardi’s projects. 

A dad of girls, he’s outnumbered at home, but it helps bring out his softer side on the job site. He’s an outdoorsy guy who only needs beaches, camping, and a summer playlist to keep him happy.




Anthony started his career as an Engineer. which means he brings something unique to the Demardi team.


Anthony’s analytical mind is perfect for proposals, costings, and forecasts. He needs three screens in his office just for one spreadsheet. His brain doesn’t stop ticking and his attention to detail is next level. 

Anthony is the guru of project management, and there’s nothing he enjoys more than seeing a project progress from concept stage through to full completion.  But beyond the spreadsheets and paperwork, Anthony is just as committed to the people that make Demardi great and he believes that building relationships is the only way to do business. 

Anthony plays basketball in his spare time and has instilled a love of sport in his kids. He also wonders when the NBL is finally going to come calling!




Christina has always been around the building trade. Growing up, her parents were always busy with renovation projects and the kitchen table was forever covered with rolled out construction plans.  Christina took a career detour through pharmacy (she’s a qualified clinical pharmacist) but finally came back to her roots in construction by joining the Demardi team.

Charged with keeping Demardi’s business systems running smoothly so that the team can deliver to the excellent standards they’re known for, Christina uses her perseverance and keen eye for detail to help support the team with sales & business support.

At home, she spends most of her time rotating between being a soccer Mum, tennis Mum and footy Mum, but when she gets a little time to herself she cant help watching home reno shows on TV!




Demardi was looking for a carpenter to fill in for a quick 3-week stint, that was 2 years ago and we haven’t let John leave since. A career carpenter, John loves being involved in creating boutique homes from the ground up. It’s one of his favourite things about the work we do. 

All of the Demardi team love working outdoors and having a laugh and John is no exception. He’s often described as the joker of the team. But he’s also an absolute workhorse. He’s always late to lunch because he’s just finishing off ‘one more thing’. And he’s quick to share his knowledge with those who are learning. 

Johnny doesn’t sleep in on Sundays because he’s out hitting the roads with his cycling group or participating in fun runs. And the best thing he has ever won in life is his wife’s heart…oh, and the meat tray at his local. 




Sam “only my Mum calls me Samuel”, our apprentice carpenter, fancies himself as a bit of a singer and you can hear him live at our job sites all over Manningham. We knew we struck it lucky when Sam joined our team and not because of his singing skills.

With qualifications in building design, his knowledge and background help him bring a unique perspective to his carpentry.  

He thinks the boss is the fountain of all knowledge (nice one, Sam) and he’s always keen to learn. He has high expectations of himself, but he always meets them and delivers excellent work.




After graduation, Declan spent some time doing demolition and electrical work, but it didn’t take
him long to find his true calling in building and design.

Declan is always ready with a joke to lighten the mood on site, and can often be found if you simply follow the sound of laughter. But it’s not all about the jokes—whether he’s grabbing a coffee with the boys, or holding the end of a measuring tape, he’s paying close attention and absorbing every detail he can as he learns the foundational skills he’ll need in his career.

He may lead with his sense of humour, but his dedication and strong work ethic are quick to follow.

Declan hopes to put the skills he’s learning towards designing and building his own home in the future. But for now, you’re likely to find him playing footy or having a beer down the pub with his mates.




Jimmy’s been obsessed with building since childhood. There may have been a brief stint working at his family’s fruit store, and a detour through university, but he was always going to end up on a building site. Lucky for us!

Jimmy helps out wherever he’s needed onsite, expanding on the skills he gained while completing his Certificate II in Building and Construction. You’ll recognize him because he’s always asking questions, keen to learn everything he can about the different crafts involved in building a home. Or you might notice his methodical—some might say pedantic—organisational skills. He has a need for things to be ‘just so’ that we couldn’t appreciate more.

With a footy career that peaked in the under 10’s, you’re more likely to find Jimmy at the gym than on the pitch these days. He also keeps busy in the garden—feel free to ask him for some tips!




Demolishing, tiling, construction, labouring, building, even painting—John is our jack of all trades. No matter the job, he’s always ready to roll up his sleeves and get his hands dirty.


Coming from the world of property styling and staging, John was looking for a challenge and made the leap to construction where he could work with his hands and manage large projects.


His keen eye for aesthetic detail, a willingness to try anything and the ability to confidently switch between jobs are an absolute asset to the Demardi team.


A simple guy, John loves the satisfaction of seeing a completed job. While off the tools, he enjoys hanging out with his son, catching a live band or cooking a beautiful meal.




Coming from a background in Recruitment & HR, her project management skills are second to none and she’s cool and calm in the office thanks to her dedication to weekly gym sessions. 

She graduated in Interior Decoration & Design in 2018 and created "Interiors" for Demardi in 2020. Sherry is super passionate on nailing your brief from conceptual design, material selections,  technical joinery drawings, 3D and photo-realistic visualisations.  

When she's not on insta, pinterest or visiting design events around Melbourne she dreams about designing a totally sound proof home where she can't hear her teenage daughters on their phones. 


Sherry enjoys heading to the Mornington Peninsula with her two fluff bums (Ginger & Jazz), visiting family (and wineries), shopping and spending time by the beach.