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Are you dreaming of building your brand new home? But you're not sure which builder is right for you?  Well, it starts with first impressions and that is something we are proud of at Demardi.

Your home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make and it's because of that, that we put in the time to meet you at your home and make sure all of the key information is captured.  We do this by delving deep into your project scope, budget, and timelines. This helps us to prepare a detailed estimate costing for you at the initial stages of your project.

We pride ourselves on the accuracy of these estimates.  We’re not into giving you lump sums, why? Because when you're investing your hard-earned money we want to show you where it’s going, and you deserve to know how much each item will cost. 

Having confidence and complete certainty about all the details and the associated costs with your project is how we want our clients to feel.  There will always be limitations with money or space and time.  But, you’ll always get complete honesty from us when it comes to tackling any issues, which we like to address upfront before your build has even started.

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Transparency and honesty are important to us and we want to work with clients who appreciate that as well.  Our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your building journey with us and feel informed every step of the way.

But, if you need assistance or pointing in the right direction to gain a building permit for your project, or contacting Building Surveyors, Draftspeople, and Architects (if you are at the initial stages of your project) we can help with that too.


Planning and designing are important first stages of any build and we like to work in conjunction with your design team to ensure that your vision can be bought to life. Once the planning and design stages are complete we will then prepare and present you with a very detailed fee proposal, this will form part of your building contract. 


When all permits have been approved, your contract has been signed and deposit paid, construction can begin. We keep the whole process simple and straightforward and we are always happy to answer any questions that come up along the way.