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Are you Registered Builders?


Yes, we sure are. Our Director and Builder, Michael is Registered and has been since 2013 (which might be giving away his age, or should we say his experience). Michael’s registration details are DB-U 42818 / CDB-U56465.

Why is it important to work with a Registered Builder?

Lot’s of reasons! Firstly, to become a Registered Builder you have to complete many many hours of work and study. And you have to keep up the study to maintain registration. Put simply, Registered Builders know their stuff and a required to stay up to date with current building practices.


Working with a Registered Builder also means your project is covered by appropriate insurances and warranties in the unlikely event that anything happens.


And finally, by working with a Registered Builder you have the added comfort of knowing that the Victorian Building Authority is available to oversee and mediate any disputes that might come up (unlikely, but still good to know).

How quickly can you start?


It depends.  If you have your plans and permits ready to go and our books have a free spot we might be able to get started within weeks. If you’re in the initial stages of planning and you’re gathering quotes and ideas it could be 6 months before you’re ready to get started with the actual build.

You should know that sometimes there may be a wait time to work with us. That’s because we like to give every single one of our clients the exceptional level of care and service we’re known for (and proud of!)

How long will my major renovation or build project take?


Every home is different and every project is different!

We include specific timelines for each stage of your project in your proposal. And we pride ourselves on sticking to timeframes and doing what we say we’ll do when we say we’ll do it. But there are some things that can impact timelines that are out of our control, like weather conditions, delay of materials and fixtures, and fittings. Delays or not, we‘ll keep you updated so you know exactly how your project is progressing every step of the way.

Will the Demardi team be doing the work?

Absolutely, our Director Michael is also our Head Builder and he’s on-site, on the tools, and leads the team for every single project.

We’re not one of those middle-man agencies that coordinate your project but outsources the work to another company (and makes a tidy profit at your expense).

Who will be my contact at Demardi during the build?

You’ll most likely meet our Director Anthony at your initial meeting and he’s your main contact for all things project-related including proposals, ordering fixtures and fittings, materials, and invoicing. He’ll be the one responding to your emails and making sure your project is on track.


Michael is your man onsite, running the operational side of your project and leading the team.

While you’ll mostly hear from Anthony during your project, no matter whom you deal with, both our Directors will be able (and happy) to answer your questions or find the information you need.

Are you comfortable working with other trades?

Absolutely, the success of your build is our number one priority. We’re team players and working with other trades to make sure your project is delivered on time, on budget, and to the highest standard is no problem.

Do you use the same trades for each project?

We sure do. We’re pretty pedantic about quality and we’ve been working with the same trades for years and years because we have great working relationships and can trust they will deliver to the standards we expect (and you deserve). We’d go so far as to say, that without our trade partners, Demardi wouldn’t be what it is today.

Do we need a building permit?

Yes.  Generally speaking, we can’t start works until a building permit has been granted.

With a building permit you get the official ok from council to go ahead with your build (no nasty surprises later when your unapproved project prevents resale of your home).


You also get the benefits of a building surveyor and warranty insurance for the works so you’re protected and know that the appropriate building standards have been adhered to.

When you work with Demardi, we handle all the permit paperwork for you to make the process as easy and as streamlined as possible.

Can I visit the site while you’re building?

Yes, of course! We enthusiastically encourage clients to stop by before and during their projects. 2D drawings on paper look a little different in real life, so stopping in to take a look at how your plans are coming together is highly recommended.

You’re free to pop in anytime but if you let us know in advance we’ll have a coffee ready for when you arrive.

Should I work with a Building Designer first or a Builder?

As we have our own in-house Building Designer it means you can meet us together at the same time.  We are a cohesive team that manages your project efficiently and delivers on timelines.

Designing your home requires a significant investment in terms of time, energy, and money. Too many times we’ve met with clients who are emotionally invested in the designs for a dream home that is completely unattainable. What they’re left with is the hard decision to go back to the drawing board or compromise on details they have their hearts set on.

We want the whole process of building or renovating to feel as enjoyable, exciting, and easy as possible. 

When should we bring in Demardi Interiors to assist us with our project?

Once your drawings are in the process of being finalised and you are ready to talk, about flooring, tiles, tapware, and stone that is the best time to speak to our team.  Sherry heads up Interiors and will be your expert resource, your advocate and she will liaise with us and our tradespeople to keep the whole process as simple as possible.

How much does Demardi Interiors Charge?

Depending on what service you are after it will vary. Once Sherry has met with you and understands the scope of your project she will send you a fee proposal for your approval prior to any works commencing.

What can Demardi Interiors provide?

Sherry can provide you with a stress-free experience and help you with the many complex decisions involved in a major renovation project.  She can manage your design vision seamlessly and effectively.   From conceptual design, hard material specification, 3D visualisations, and design documentation.  We are a full-service interior design studio with our own design library, full of samples and design inspiration.

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