Our aim is to provide you with affordable interior solutions that deliver beautiful, functional spaces that you'll

love coming home to. 

Demardi Interiors was born as a little sister to our building firm Demardi.  After seeing so many homeowners navigate their own DIY interior design projects we felt we could offer a helping hand with design aesthetics, colour advice and much more.


We guide you to answer all of those questions that have kept you from making important decisions about your home by providing you with a roadmap that will empower you to become unstuck and move forward.   By understanding how you will use the spaces in your home and bringing together the use of materials, aesthetics, and colour with practicality, lifestyle, and function in mind we can help you transform your home.


You can come to us with your design dilemmas and problems from your stone selections to your paint colours and everything in between.  We know that creating a home designed around the way you live means listening to what you really need, understanding your intentions and planning solutions that your budget will love. 

If you want to go from "builder-grade" to "beautiful", collaboration is crucial in making your vision a reality.  That being said being organised and prepared is beneficial, but not essential.  We will want to see your floorplan, which spaces you are renovating, understand how many people live in your home as well as all of your amazing design inspiration. 


We can then get to work on specifying your hard material selections, preparing digital design boards, 3D renders (when needed) as well as a detailed specifications schedule of colours and finishes so that you can attain your desired outcome. 

So if you're looking for a service that is accessible, worry- free and down-to-earth this is how can we help you....



1hr consult - Face to Face 


This is where we start to understand your vision and develop a scope of works for your home.  We will also discuss how we can work together on your project whether it's for a major renovation or a  Kitchen refresh.

We will then prepare and send you a fee proposal with our consultation fee shortly after, depending on the scope of work.


This is where we learn more about you, your aesthetic, lifestyle and what's most important.  We will talk about your budget and establish a timeline for your project too.


This is really your opportunity to tell us about your needs and wants, and if you don't know, that's okay?  We will be asking lots of questions to help guide you through this process.  The more educated we are about your goals the better we can make decisions about which materials to specify for each item of your project, like - flooring, joinery, tiles, stone, paint colours and carpets etc.

We work hand in hand with Demardi and relevant Architects and Building Designers where required.


All aspects of your project from budget to functionality and timelines are considered to make sure that we present the best available options to you aesthetically. 
We prepare a digital design board that will visually communicate your design aesthetic as well as all of your hard materials selections for your project.  We will show you your redesigned space/s with the use of 3D renders.  
But we also provide you with the physical samples so that you can see and touch the chosen material selections.
We provide 2 revisions during the design process.  Any additional revisions will be charged at a flat rate specified in your proposal.
Once an agreement has been reached with your chosen materials we will then prepare a detailed specifications schedule for you. 

This is perfect if you're time-poor and don't have time to run around to showrooms or spend hours online to finalize selections, we can do the leg work for you. The specifications can be handed over to you to DIY. or we can organise to source and supply these for you.



Let the sourcing begin! We will source all of your chosen materials and quantify what is required to complete your project as well as outline the costs for your approval. 


This cost will be included in your building contract under 'Hard Materials'.  Once your building contract is signed and the deposit paid we will then take care of the ordering and delivery.


Having your project managed by us means your building journey is simplified, worry-free with one point of contact & one invoice.




We offer this service if you have chosen your selections but are not sure if it's all going to work together.


3D renders are real-life, scaled drawings that include your chosen selections.  Visually, they communicate how your home will look and feel reducing any confusion and overwhelm that you're most likely going to feel during your project.  They will ensure that your overall vision is achieved.




1hr Consult -  Zoom

Guided design advice specifically for your project to help you transform your home into one that you can be proud of.  We can help you pull together your materials from tiles to timber to your stone selection and provide you with tips to provide a style solution no matter what your aesthetic is.


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