Renovating or extending your current home can feel like a big and scary process. But it doesn't have to be!

We take care of all the details, communicate with you on a daily basis if we need to and respond to any curve balls that come up along the way, and we all know there will be a curve ball or two! We bring decades of experience, professionalism and passion into everything we do. 

Like any partnership it's about working together and solving problems. And that's exactly what we're good at.

We start by providing you with a detailed building estimate which gives you an understanding and approximate cost of your project scope based on our experience on previous projects.  This will give you a good insight into how your budget fits with your requirements prior to finalizing any drawings. Planning and costing everything as accurately as we can before we commence any work reduces any budget blowouts or issues further on down the track.


We want the whole process of renovating to feel as enjoyable, exciting, and easy as possible. We believe that bringing your builder into discussions right at the start will help you, and your design team build a home that you’ll love for years to come.


It’s important to us that we provide you with as much flexibility as possible to ensure the building process is as smooth as it can be. Some clients like to DIY and we know that it can sometimes be more cost-effective and convenient to supply your own fixtures and fittings but we’re also happy to provide advice, point you in the right direction, or completely take care of all the details for you.